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You write software, but are stuck on a tough math problem. You are thinking "there's got to be a good way to do this." You need someone with skill in mathematical algorithm development.
I can give you a quick nudge to get your project moving, or work with you on a long term basis to develop ideas to the point where they can be implemented.
Your needs
What I provide
You have scads of data. You know there is meaning in there. You need a bit of direction on how to mine the data. Maybe it involves curve fitting, or maybe you need a way to determine what the relevant paremeters are.
My knowledge transfer is enthusiastic, entertaining, and interactive. I adjust the level according to the recipeint, and spice the presentation up with anecdotes and analogies that will help make the teaching stick.
I am an applied mathematician and color scientist with 19 patents. I have 22 years of experience in advanced product research and 10 years of experience as a scientific programmer.

I provide viable solutions!
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