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I am proud to say that I currently hold nineteen US patents and have published over thirty papers. I am sought after as a public speaker, and have lectured on three continents.

I am the Vice Pres. of Papers for the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts, and am a member of the Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards, and ISO TC 130.
I have over thirty years of experience as an applied mathematician, finding creative solutions to problems that lie at the intersection of engineering, physics, computer science, and math.

I have worked in the printing, medical, and scientific instrument industries. My work has covered a wide gamut of disciplines including color science, image processing, and control systems.
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John has been a great resource to us in our need to understand complicated mathematical formulas. His patience and ability to take complicated processes and break them down to their component levels is one of John's many talents. He definitely went the extra mile to help us. I highly recommend John as a talented, ethical, and honest resource. It has been a great pleasure to work with him.
Bruce Bayne, Owner, Alder Technology
John is an awesome problem solver and has a great toolbox of skills to bring to the research team. Our team was an inter-disciplinary team studying advanced technology for the printing industry and John brought his math expertise to every potential solution! First finding any way that worked, but then (and this is KEY), simplifying the math to fit into a microcontroller that the product could "afford" was John's biggest contribution to our success. Working with John was a pleasure!
Gregg Matter, Owner, Simple Innovations
John should have been born near Cambridge or Oxford, in the UK. Brilliant but different. A mild eccentric. Running on a parallel path. As a fellow journeyman in color measurement, John made me a convert to his "elastic tape-measure theory", for any and all laboratory measurements made in the real world, outside the lab!! CIElabyrinthic.
Alan Reid, Founder, MicronMeasurements
John has an excellent grasp of hands-on color technology. If you need a solution to a color processing or color control situation, John is the kind of guy you need, plus he's easy to work with.
Chris Edge, Corporate Research Fellow, Kodak
John has a most clear and thorough vision of where the industry needs to be with regard to metrology, as well as where it is right now. Most importantly, he is working towards communicating his knowledge and helping the industry grasp it.
Dimitri Ploumidis, Color Assurance Engineer, Pacific Southwest Container
I taught remedial algebra as a hobby at UW Milwaukee for four years, where I quickly became known among the advisors as the teacher to recommend. I started with the firm conviction that math-a-phobia is the only thing that keeps people from mastering math. I still believe this after 300 students.

For the past fifteen years, I have enjoyed teaching teaching a color theory class at QuadTech.
There is an old joke that people become mathematicians when they find that they don't have enough personality to become accountants. I consider myself an exception to this rule. After teaching at UW Milwaukee, I had a hobby job as a karaoke host under the name "John the Revelator". Milwaukee Magazine voted my show the Best Karaoke of 2010.
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