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Light-hearted color science

How many colors are in your rainbow?
How many colors are there, addendum
Red is color of
Evolution trichromacy theory
Does my dog appreciate my Kindle Fire?
Follow-up on colorblindness testing
What color is red?
Blue animals
Is your green the same as my green?
Is my green the same as your, revisited
What color is human skin?
The definition of vermilion
The joy of vermilion, take 2
Arranging paint and (once again) vermillion

Turning data into knowledge
Blog posts
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More sciencey color science

Organizing your crayons
Assessing color difference data
How many colors are there, definitively
76 shades of gray
What difference does it make, part 1
What difference does it make, part 2
Visual accuity and color

The science of the color of print

Flat paint is not flat
One Beer's law too many
Why does my cyan have the blues?
Why does my cyan have the blues, addendum
Where are my CIELAB knobs?
Density is ink film thickness
TAGA 2013 in review

Series on the color of a halftone
The color of a bunch of dots, part 1
The color of a bunch of dots, part 2
The color of a bunch of dots, part 3
The color of a bunch of dots, part 4

Getting the most color for your ink

Print standards regarding color

Layman's guide to ISO print standards
ISO comes to inline color
Tolerances for spot colors
How well can you expect to spectros to agree
A spectrophotometris romance
Followup to a spetcrophotometric romance

John the Math Guy Blog

The John the Math Guy blog is about applied math, computation, color science, printing, history of science, and whatever else I feel like writing about at the time. I hope you find something to enjoy.

The science of music and sound

You can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish
What? Are you tone deaf?!!?
Stupid piano tricks
A Youtube tour through Brazil

History of science and math

Our Arabic number system?
Mathematical misnomers
A witch by any other name
A revolutionary idea about revolutions
The apple doesn't fall far from the Newton
Happy Darwin Day
Logarithms and the end of the world
Kepler's laws
What is colligation?
Aristotle's universe

Math stuff

When regression goes bad
Deviant ways to compute the deviation
People do not make good statisticians
Finding the right model
It's all in how you shuffle the deck
Just some random thoughts
The fulll Monty
Math carols
Function of the heart
Recommendation engines
Why all the problems with math?
Scientists don't need math?
Calculating odds at the racetrack
A few maps of the US

General science stuff

How does a scanning electron microscope work?
Four fates of a photon
Flies walk on the ceiling
A tidey question
Quantification of my post on tides
Genetically modified dogs
Ruminations on beer
Lousy weather every weekend
Gee whiz! It's cold
How does my GPS work?

Debunking pseudoscience

Turning the crank
The case for astrology
Coco nuts
A revolutionary idea about revolutions
Happy Darwin Day